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Memorial Day Ceremony Veteran's Day Grave Decorations
Ron Nickey-CP Ron Nickey-CP Troy Michaels CP
Dave Shilke Norm King Ron Nickey
Joe Smith Dominic Cuccio Jerry Snyder
Norm King Paul Miller III Robert Gregory
  John Scherzo Joe Girouard
    Gary Keller
    Blaine Clouse
Memorial Day Parade
Blaine Clouse-CP    
Joe Smith    
Jerry Synder - Band    
Gary Keller - Parade Line Up    
Community, Children & Youth
Children's Christmas Party Easter Egg Hunt Pig Roast & Oyster Feed
Joe Smtih-CP Joe Smith-CP Blaine Clouse-CP
Ron Nickey John Scherzo Pat Callahan
Daniel Lamb Daniel Lamb Gary Keller
Dominic Cocco Dominic Cocco John Noll
John Scherzzo Paul Miller III Jerry Snyder
Community Christmas Decorating
Gary Keller-CP    
Bubba Short    
Dwight Arnold    
Blaine Clouse    
Scholarship Oratorical Contest Baseball
Greg Rebert-CP Greg Rebert-CP Greg Rebert-CP
Brad Shilke Troy Michaels  
Joe Smith Daniel Lamb  
  Dominic Cocco  
Post Activities
Membership Nominations Band
Ron Nickey-CP Ron Nickey-CP Jerry Snyder-CP
Dave Shilke Dave Shilke Marlin Dunlap
Greg Rebert Brad Shilke John Noll
Blaine Clouse John Noll Danny Keech
Pat Callahan    
John Noll    
Dominic Cuccio    
Joe Smith    
Finance Golf Insurance
Brad Shilke-CP John Noll-CP Greg Rebert-CP
Jerry Snyder Jerry Snyder Joe Girouard
Joe Smith   Joe Smith
Greg Rebert